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    Myolie Wu sang "Someone Like You" in Transboundary Singer, received good feedback

    Posted By:  R.E.D @ Jun 23 2016, 11:54 AM
    Source: MingPao
    Youtube: Appledaily
    Translated by : R.E.D @ http://asianuniverse.net/

    Myolie Wu recently took part in Beijing's TV singing programme "Transboundary Singer" as a contestant. Dressed in an elegant deep V black outfit, she sang Adele's famous song (Someone Like You). After 30 second of her singing, one of the judges Eric Moo reacted with an "O" shape mouth and said "Ha". The other judge Kay Huang pointed out that Myolie used the wrong technique to sing this song and she also lacked of emotion. Despite all that and after discussion among all the judges, they decided to let Myolie to go on stage.

    After Myolie's performance, she received lots of applause by the audience. The judges were also pleased with her performance. When asked by one of the judges what she was thinking when she was singing, Myolie replied "I am a strong believer in "love", therefore I understand this song. Although this is a sad song, I sang it in a positive manner. It is sad that you have gone, but I will wait for my Mr Right to come along". Some netizens associated Myolie with her ex-lover Bosco Wong, they reckoned the song was meant for him.

    Early yesterday morning, Myolie posted in weibo, thanking everyone for their support. She revealed that she was in fact very nervous on stage "The first time when I faced the judges, my heart nearly jumped out from my mouth. I often feel I perform better in rehearsal then live show, but this is my problem. Maybe that is why I haven't produced new song anymore".
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    Sisley Choi exposed herself accidentally and admitted she did not make safety precautions

    Posted By:  R.E.D @ Jun 23 2016, 10:37 AM
    Source: Asian E-News
    Youtube/images: On.cc

    Sisley Choi, Lawrence Ng, Selena Li and others attended the promotion event for TVB series "Presumed Accidents" in Tsuen Wan the other day. Sisley wore a high slit dress and accidentally exposed herself while playing games. Winki Lai removed her shoes as well.

    Subsequently, Sisley and Lawrence accepted the interview and when asked if she was worried about exposing herself as she was wearing sexily, Sisley said "Do not expect that would happen while we play exciting games. (Makes safety precaution?) Nope but okay." However, Lawrence disclosed he was exposed instead: "It exposes my muscles." Mentioning about Sisley and him were father and daughter relationship instead of lovers, Lawrence replied they purposely gave wrong impression to the audiences. When asked if it was a pity not to act as couple, Sisley said "It is better as we are closer."

    When mentioned about Selena Li remarked that newcomers such as Sisley deserved more opportunities, Sisley clarified that they got along well "We have been filming series happily and her words make me very happy. (Does not feel she treats you as newcomer?) Same rumours have been circulating and nothing is true."
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    Tavia Yeung will consider to film Heart of Greed III series depending on her schedule

    Posted By:  R.E.D @ Jun 17 2016, 11:36 AM
    Source: Asia E- News
    Images: On.cc

    Tavia Yeung attended the promotion event for Myolie Wu's fashion brand at Kowloon City the other day. When asked if she was interested to film Heart of Greed III series as she filmed Heart of Greed and Heart of Greed II previously despite her contract with TVB had ended, she replied she will consider depending on her schedule. Mentioning that the series might start filming next year, Tavia said: "It is better if filming starts after the Lunar New Year. If the film producer approaches me, I will consider. Heart of Greed series is well-liked by everybody and I am looking forward to the collaboration." However, Raymond Lam will be excluded from the filming due to his schedule and Tavia expressed new rapport might establish with new cast team while old cast team might give higher expectations to the audiences.

    When asked if she is currently taking a break, Tavia said: "Currently discussing about new series and preparing my wedding banquet at the end of the year. I am very busy right now and I can only film series during my free time. After all, I wish to take a break since I have been filming series for so many years."
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    Happy Birthday to 36 years old Joey Yung

    Posted By:  R.E.D @ Jun 17 2016, 11:23 AM
    Source: Asia E-news
    Image: MingPao

    Yesterday was singing diva, Joey Yung's 36 years old birthday. Joey Yung uploaded a lot of photos celebrating her birthday on Instagram. In one of the photos, she is smiling and her eyes become very big.

    Joey Yung wrote the lyric of "Angels in my Hair" and left a message: "I wish everyone good health and be my friend forever!" One wonders what presents she gets from her boyfriend, Wilfred Lau ?

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    JYJ’s Park Yoochun Accused Of Sexual Assault + update

    Posted By:  R.E.D @ Jun 16 2016, 03:57 AM
    Source: Soompi/Popasia/mingPao/News everyday

    JYJ’s member Park Yoochun has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her 20s. Park Yoochun’s side argues it is the one-sided claim of someone looking for money.

    Park Yoochun was accused of sexual assault on June 10. The woman accusing him is 24-year-old Ms. Lee, an employee at an entertainment establishment/liquor bar. Ms. Lee’s boyfriend personally submitted the charges to the police in her stead that day.

    Ms. Lee claims that Park Yoochun came to the bar on the night of June 3 as a customer and that he sexually assaulted her in a restroom inside the establishment. As evidence, Ms. Lee has submitted the underwear and clothes she was wearing that day to the police.

    The police have obtained the CCTV recordings that capture Park Yoochun’s movements in regards to the incident and after examining the evidence, they plan to summon him for questioning.

    In an official statement, C-JeS Entertainment asserts that it will be revealed through police investigation that the woman’s claims are false. “We will not compromise to malicious blackmail out to ruin a celebrity,” states the agency and adds, “Park Yoochun will diligently submit to the police investigation so that the truth can be revealed.”

    The agency also states that Park Yoochun has not yet received the official notice of the suit from the police. It asks for refrain in writing speculative reports until the investigation is complete as such reports can cause serious harm to Park Yoochun’s name.

    The Seoul Gangnam Police Station revealed that they are currently investigating the charge submitted by Ms. Lee, accusing Park Yoochun of sexual assault.

    According to the filed complaint, Park Yoochun is accused of sexually assaulting Ms. Lee in the bathroom of the room in a Gangnam entertainment establishment/liquor bar in which Ms. Lee and Park Yoochun were drinking in around 5 a.m., June 4.*

    The two met each other for the first time here, and they had only known each other for about one hour. The filed complaint describes that Ms. Lee expressed her unwillingness. She was sexually assaulted, however, and the charge of sexual assault was submitted to the police on June 10, around a week later after the alleged incident took place.

    The police has requested that the National Forensic Service conduct a DNA analysis on the evidence of underwear and clothing that Ms. Lee submitted.
    There was no CCTV inside the room in which the alleged incident took place. The police were only able to examine the CCTV recordings of the hallway, and they did not find anything suspect in the recordings. The police will soon call in Ms. Lee for the investigation, and then summon Park Yoochun for questioning.

    Park Yoochun began his mandatory military service last year in August, and he is currently serving as a public service worker at a district office in Seoul.
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