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    Kevin Cheng and Ruco Chan Face Off in “Eye in the Sky”

    Posted By:  R.E.D @ Today, 03:43 AM
    Source: Jaynesatrs
    Image: On.cc

    Kevin Cheng and Ruco Chan filmed an intense face-off scene in Tuen Mun for TVB’s new crime thriller, Eye in the Sky yesterday. Both men held a gun in their hands and appeared to be caught in a fiery dispute. Portraying the ultimate villain in the series, Ruco appeared on set with red eye makeup to give the impression that his character had several sleepless nights. The scene spoke of Ruco’s character holding a group of people on a tour bus hostage. Although the atmosphere was intense, Ruco and Kevin immediately relaxed when the camera stopped rolling and made funny faces to pull out of their characters. Kevin announced that the series will likely complete filming by the end of this month. Despite an earlier foot injury, Kevin shared that many of his action scenes were not affected. However, he had to be extremely careful and has even stopped playing his favorite sport, tennis. In August, another series is already waiting for Kevin. With a full-packed schedule coming up, there will be no breaks ahead for him.

    Kevin and Ruco Laugh at Tavia Yeung’s Marriage Rumors

    Eye in the Sky costar, Tavia Yeung, was recently rumored to be purchasing a luxurious flat in preparation to marry her boyfriend Him Law next year. Kevin laughed and said that Tavia has only told him she is interested in making investments. When asked if he has heard about any marriage news, Kevin replied, “No, I haven’t! But Tavia is always a very cheerful person.” Ruco, who was nearby, also laughed and added that purchasing a new home and getting married are happy events. He joked, “Why don’t you guys congratulate me first? I want to buy a house and get married before she does! I’m waiting to win the lottery.”

    Lin Xiawei Supports Raymond Lam

    Although she was not involved in the scene, Lin Xiawei visited Ruco and Kevin on set to watch their skilled acting. A recent tabloid claimed that her cousin, Raymond Lam, has refused to renew his TVB management contract and is leaving the company. In response to the news, Xiawei revealed she is unsure of her cousin’s exact plans, but will support his decision.
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    Video of Sire Ma doing sexy provocative dance leaks out; TVB immediately stops all her jobs

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Yesterday, 06:52 AM
    Source: on.cc / MingPao
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Video of Sire Ma doing sexy provocative dance leaks out; TVB immediately stops all her jobs

    Last year, after news broke out about Sire Ma being the third party of Wang Zi Qi and wealthy upper-class woman, Laura's relationship, she was immediately frozen by TVB. Who knew that shortly after Sire resumed work again that a video of her doing a sexy dance would be leaked. The video appears to be filmed in a hotel, with Sire doing a sexy provocative dance. In the half-minute clip, short-haired Sire Ma is wearing sexy lingerie, which reveals all two "private parts", using all she has to "tease". With the background music, Doris Day's "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps", she danced to the camera, and even spread her thighs, twisted her hip, touched her breasts, etc. A series of sexually flirty actions, definitely very daring. Afterwards, four more photos of her baring her "three points", and a photo with Sire Ma's head on a half naked body, lying on a bed, touching her own breasts were also leaked onto the internet. Some people suspect that the photo of Sire lying on a bed may be photoshopped, and that Sire's body doesn't seem to be as "plentiful" as the photo's.

    This afternoon, TVB's Commercial Communications co-director, Tsang Sing Ming expressed that he was in a meeting all morning, so he is not clear of the situation. Until dawn, Tsang Sing Ming faced reporters again, and expressed that he has already spoken with Virginia Lok about the situation, and said that standing in TVB's perspective, the company also feels that the situation is very serious: "Although the photos and the video happened in the past, but we still have to handle the situation." He admitted that they have immediately stopped all of Sire's jobs on hand, including hosting her entertainment show, appearing on shows as a guest, etc. Asked how long her jobs will be stopped for? He replied: "The company will decide after we hear her explanation."

    Have to take responsibiltiy for her own actions

    Mr. Tsang also continued: "As an adult, especially as a public figure, you have to take responsibility for your behaviour and your actions. Anything you do, one must consider the consequences very carefully, and afterwards, you must take responsibility for the consequences. Especially with a past experience, you must keep your nose clean even more." He also stated that the company will give Sire Ma a chance to explain, and will let the Artistes department follow up on this. Asked if they have already set up a date to meet with Sire? Mr. Tsang expressed that they do not know yet.

    MingPao reporters contact Sire through Whatsapp, and she replied saying she can only reply later.

    Laura, who Sire had "snatched" TB famous producer, Wang Zi Qi from, accepted Apple Daily's telephone interview, she replied: "Seeing this clip, I was quite surprised. Salty like a baked chicken in salt!"

    A few artistes were asked today of the situation; Gloria Tang and Sisley Choi expressed they feel that Sire is very pitiful, and that they will not watch the clip and discuss the situation. Myolie Wu expressed that she feels very heartwrenched for her. She knows when girls are in relationships, they may sometimes do silly things. "Sire never expected the clip to leak out, these private life matters are not wrong, because she never planned to publicize it. As a friend, I hope she can be strong."

    News clip with a bit of the video HERE

    See the photos here:

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    Raymond Lam's contract with TVB is ending; plans to leave and focus in the Mainland

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Jul 22 2014, 06:41 AM
    Source: MingPao
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Raymond Lam's contract with TVB is ending; plans to leave and focus in the Mainland

    Raymond Lam has been with TVB for 15 years, and has always been seen as TVB's "biological son" and beloved child. Raymond's contract with TVB is actually ending this week, and he has decided to leave the company and will not be renewing his contract. He is preparing to start up his own company and establish his own record label, getting ready to put everything in the control of his own hands. Although Virginia Lok, who has always seen Raymond as her favourite, tried persuading him, he has not budged. His reason for leaving is because of his popularity and attraction in the Mainland, not wanting to miss out on his "golden time". He also expressed his regret for not being able to grab the TV King award in his 15 years in TVB.

    Virginia Lok strongly urges him to stay

    34 year old Raymond Lam, one of the "Golden egg" artistes, has always been labeled as one of the three "gold-earners", along with Kevin Cheng and Moses Chan. According to the newspaper's sources, Raymond Lam's contract with TVB will be ending in a few days, and has rejected renewing his contract, choosing to become "free". Although Virginia Lok strongly urged him to continue staying, but this time, Raymond has already made plans for his future, and only agreed that if he films HK dramas again, he will consider TVB as priority. But, Miss Lok has not given up, and is still trying her best to persuade him to sign a per-series contract, or sign to the TVBC (TVB in Mainland) management department like Charmaine Sheh did, still hoping to keep Raymond Lam.

    Coincidentally absent from shows due to injury

    Leaving TVB has been something Raymond has decided early on. Earlier, TVB held two major functions, but Raymond was unable to attend due to injury. First was last month's Shanghai TV Festival - he was originally supposed to attend to promote his drama "Line Walker", but because he had injured his hip, he could not attend last minute. Last week's TVB's Amazing Summer promotion, he also missed the event with the reason of an intestinal spasm. Coincidentally, he had to rest due to discomfort here and there, but yet he was still active in finishing his commercial functions on hand. Recently, he was very busy going to Mainland China to attend commercial functions and performances and even went to Quanzhou to hold a concert. On the weekend, he will also be returning to Quanzhou to attend a Chinese Valentine's Day event for a brand, and on August 2nd, he will be holding a concert in Foshan.

    300,000 RMB per episode of a Mainland drama

    Although Raymond Lam had previously expressed plans to leave the entertainment industry, because he will eventually have to take over his father's business, but his passion for his entertainment career hasn't reduced. He also understands the strength of his popularity in Mainland China, he is also considered to be in popular demand - he can be worth 300,000 RMB per episode in the Mainland; therefore he does not want to miss out on his "golden time". Being "free" from management, he can focus on filming Mainland dramas and movies; therefore in recent years, he has been planning to establish his own record label and production company, pushing his career up a level and he can also help his girlfriend, Karena Ng, in her entertainment career.

    May attend promotions for "Line Walker"

    At the same time, there has been rumours that another reason for Raymond Lam's departure is because his performance as Happy Sir in "Highs and Lows" helped him get rid of his "idol" image and was largely praised. Plus, that year, because the TV King and Queen were to be publicly voted, so his chance of taking the TV King award was quite high. However, in the end, Wayne Lai ended up getting the award, causing Raymond to be disappointed. On the other hand, Raymond Lam had already grasped TV King awards from Mainland China and overseas early on; therefore disappointing that he could not get the TV King award in his "home" in his 15 years. However, there may be a chance that he will attend promotions for one of TVB's major productions, "Line Walker", returning a favour to his "home" and keeping a good relationship with them.

    Yesterday, a reporter called Virginia Lok; however she has not replied yet. As for Raymond's manager, Candy, she expressed that she cannot answer for him about his future direction as it is a personal matter.
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    Jacquelin Chong talks about Deep Ng and her past relationships in her new book

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Jul 21 2014, 08:07 AM
    Source: The Sun
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Jacquelin Chong talks about Deep Ng and her past relationships in her new book

    Model, Jacquelin Chong, released a new book, self-exposing her six relationships. Yesterday, she appeared at the book fair, and admitted that ex-boyfriend, Deep Ng, is one of the "leads" of the book, and even described him as her first "boy"friend. Because of his words, "I don't want you to not even try", they entered a relationship. Other than talking about her friends' sexual tendencies, she also exposed that someone in the entertainment industry once used sex to get jobs, just like "legal rape".

    Jacquelin Chong appeared at the book fair yesterday to promote her new book "大情大性講情講性" (Openly Talking about Love and Sex). Although she was dressed a bit conservatively, but she laughed saying she was scared it would affect other's appetite, and also exposed her new book's secrets - exposing her past six relationships, including her relationship with Deep Ng, friends' sexual experiences and the dark secrets of the entertainment industry! She was very daring to expose secrets related to others; after a lot of thinking, she believed that there is nothing to hide, and decided to expose her own love history. She revealed that she wrote about how she and ex-boyfriend Deep Ng got along: "I wrote about six past love relationships, Deep Ng is included. Although I didn't use any names, but once you read the section, you can tell it's him. (Gift a book to him?) Good idea, but I'm scared he won't dare read it, because I didn't notify him beforehand."

    Not scared Sherman Chung will be mad

    In other words, this means that Deep Ng unknowingly became one of the "leads" in her book. Jacquelin, who has never had anything to be scared of, expressed that she is not scared that Deep's current girlfriend, Sherman Chung will be mad, she explained: "I'm just writing about my own love story. The main point is talking about the good and bad of a relationship, just the process, I need to grow up. Plus, I won't consider so much and get scared. " Other than this, she also revealed that she also shared friends' sexual experiences: "I wrote about my friends' sexual tendencies and their funny stories, I didn't wrote too deep about my own experiences, plus I am quite normal, no special sexual tendencies."

    Within her 157 paged book, Jacquelin admitted that she had five same-sex lovers, unfortunately, many of her relationships ended because her partner was unfaithful. As for her last same-sex relationship that hurt her the most, it made her realize that women can be as much of a player as men; therefore making her start to consider dating men. Although the book didn't reveal the name of who her "sixth lover" is, but from the fact that he was described as her first "boy"friend, it is obvious the person is Deep Ng.

    Touched by one phrase

    Jacquelin revealed, because of her past lesbian identity, and she even never had any affectionate contact with men before, when the person was pursuing her, she never expected him to say: "I rather you try and realize you really can't, push me away, than not give it a try at all and let it go." This successfully touched her; unfortunately their relationship lasted five years and broke up in the end. The media contact Deep Ng last night regarding his ex writing about their relationship, he replied: "I don't want to talk about the things in the past anymore."

    Other than this, Jacquelin also wrote about the dark secrets in the entertainment industry. She heard that there was a female actress who initiated "gifting herself" to a married director, and was immediately promoted to being his "girlfriend". The two held hands to the studio, and the director even said: "No one will dare bully you anymore!" Jacquelin cannot stand such darkness of this industry, she also revealed that there are people who use their authority to blackmail actors to do what they want. There are directors who have smiled pervertedly to female actresses and say, if you want to play a certain role, then come "talk to him" tonight - just like a form of "legal raping".
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    Rain refutes marriage rumors with Kim Tae Hee

    Posted By:  wendy @ Jul 20 2014, 09:28 PM

    Rain refutes marriage rumors with Kim Tae Hee

    Rain denied rumors that he and girlfriend Kim Tae Hee were pondering marriage plans.

    "While it is true that the two of them recently got baptized, it was not for the purpose of getting married," said Rain's agency, Cube Entertainment. "There has been no discussion at all about marriage."

    A media outlet had published that the two of them had gotten baptized in the presence of family and friends, which led to speculation about their future together.

    "He discusses with the agency about matters relating to dating or marriage," the agency said. "If he was planning to get married, he would have talked about it with us."

    The two of them have been dating since January of 2013.

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