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    Myolie Wu admits she is dating: "Thank you for appearing"

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Jan 29 2015, 11:56 PM
    Source: Sina News TW / on.cc
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Myolie Wu admits she is dating: "Thank you for appearing"

    3 years after breaking up with Bosco Wong, 35 year old, Myolie Wu has finally found new love. Myolie's new boyfriend is a Hong Kong Finance professional, Phillip Lee, who previously dated Selena Li in 2010 and was linked to Kelly Cheung last June. He is the boss of a head hunter company and also an investor of a night club. Last week, Myolie Wu flew to Taipei with her boyfriend, and the two were photographed kissing. Myolie accepted an interview with reporters, and openly admitted her relationship: "Yes, I am dating. My boyfriend is great, please don't scare him away!"

    Myolie and her boyfriend, Phillip were introduced by mutual friends, and fell in love at first sight. The two have been dating for three months. At the end of last year, Myolie had attended a party with Phillip, but the two did not admit their relationship. On the 24th of this month, Myolie attended a wedding with Phillip, but the destination was in Taipei; therefore Myolie relaxed being away from HK paparazzi. In the 24 hours the two were together, other than attending a friend's wedding, the two also went to a night club, and afterwards returned to a hotel together. Whether they were at the wedding or on the road, Myolie and her boyfriend were spotted kissing each other several times. The next day, Phillip sent Myolie to the airport, and the two also did not stop kissing. Reports say that although the two have only been dating for 3 months, but they already see each other as their other halves.

    Both express love to each other on social media

    Today, on a social media, Myolie and her boyfriend both posted very sweet posts. Other than uploading a selfie of the two, they also wrote very sweet words about each other. The content of Myolie's "open love letter" expresses her gratitude for the sacrifice and the things Phillip has done for her, and that it is very hard to describe the luck she's feeling right now, like the feeling of winning the lottery. Myolie also praised her boyfriend; other than taking care and loving her, she also really admires the sacrifice he's done for his family, and his persistence and values of life. She also sweetly praised Phillip for being handsome, making her heart skip a beat everytime she looks at him. Lastly, she expressed that the most important thing in this relationship is that other than Phillip's love for her, he also teaches her how to become a better person. Last but not least, Myolie also thanks Phillip for appearing on this Earth, letting her find her "him". Myolie promised that she will respect, admire, trust and love Phillip with all her heart. Very corny indeed!

    As for Phillip, he also praised his girlfriend on social media, and also clarified the rumours flying around these past few days. Phillip expressed, because he felt that there has been a lot of attention and questioning towards his relationship status, so he decided to clarify things on social media. Afterwards, he admitted that he is dating. Other than admitting the fact that he is very happy, he also praised Myolie for being an amazing girlfriend. Not only is she kind-hearted, but knows how to take care of people and think of other people's feelings. He also expressed that Myolie brings the best out of him, and that he admires and respects her very much.

    Previously, there were rumours that Phillip had already proposed to Myolie; however he clarified on social media that he has NOT proposed; therefore people need not congratulate him anymore.

    Myolie's good "sister", Nancy Wu expressed that she already knew Phillip for a while, but these things should be announced by the people involved. "Being able to find someone that you like and are compatible is not an easy thing, I am very happy for her."

    There were reports of Phillip Lee partying at a club with Jacquelin Chong's sister, Mona Chong. When asked about this, Jacquelin revealed that the three sisters have known Phillip for a very long time. Asked if he has every pursued her? "No, he likes girls with long hair! (Think he is a good guy?) He is very good, congratulations to Myolie! (So many female celebrities are his ex-girlfriends!) He's handsome, very normal." Jacquelin emphasized that he is not a playboy, nor did he cheat.

    Bosco Wong gives congratulations

    Myolie Wu's ex-boyfriend, Bosco Wong is currently busy filming a drama in Mainland China, and will only return to Hong Kong in February. About Myolie admitting she is dating boyfriend, Phillip Lee, Bosco admitted that he definitely gives his blessing on Myolie's new relationship. Asked if when he will find his other half, Bosco laughed: "Let me try my best, but right now, work comes first."
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    Chrissie Chau's lingerie line "LAANAA" receives 50 million HKD investment from an American investor

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Jan 29 2015, 11:18 PM
    Source: The Sun
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Chrissie Chau's lingerie line "LAANAA" receives 50 million HKD investment from an American investor

    Sexy icon, Chrissie Chau, has always been known for having both "bust and brains". Last year, she officially started up her own lingerie brand "LAANAA". Her internet store business has grown tremendously, and yesterday, at "LAAANAA Press Conference / Lingerie Show", she officially announced that she will be collaborating with a Mainalnd China e-shopping platform. At the venue, other than Chrissie's own cardboard figure as the brand's image, she also invited three foreign models to show off her line's new designs.

    Quite a few of Chrissie's friends in the entertainment circle such as Miriam Yeung, Joey Yung, Jiro Wang, Eric Tsang, Ekin Cheng, etc. filmed short clips congratulating her. Afterwards, during an interview, Chrissie revealed that she has invested around an 8 figure sum in her lingerie business. Her goal is to open a store in Hong Kong this year; she is currently looking hard for a good shop location, and plans to get listed on the GEM (Growth Enterprise Market) in 3 years. As for not personally modelling her lingerie at the event? She said: "Let me show my "boss" identity first! The three models are better than me. (Won't model lingerie anymore?) No, depends on the circumstance! I will be the first to try my own products personally."

    According to sources, other than cooperating with a business partner from Mainland China, Chrissie's lingerie brand was also attracted by an American investor, investing 50 million HKD! With investors from both America and Mainland China, Chrissie will start to branch out as a "lingerie kingdom", mainly targeting Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan, aiming to sweep the whole female market in Asia. The American investor secretly sent a representative to the event yesterday to discuss business plans with Chrissie.

    Regarding this, Chrissie indirectly admitted this international cooperation in a phone interview: "I have always been very concerned about my business development. There is a long term plan, the business is developing very fast. I hope to break out of Asia. (Reward yourself by buying a shop?) I want to buy two more shops to receive rent. Hope to accomplish this within two years." Business is doing well, but still nothing in terms of love. Chrissie, who is still single, exposed that she will go on a "love searching" vacation: "Last year, I went to Japan to ski. I will go this year too. Hope I can meet an instructor who is like Takeshi Kaneshiro!"
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    Tony Hung openly admits his feelings for Natalie Tong; Currently pursuing her

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Jan 29 2015, 10:55 PM
    Source: The Sun
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Tony Hung openly admits his feelings for Natalie Tong; Currently pursuing her

    On Monday, Tony Hung confessed his feelings for Natalie Tong in public at an event, and even honestly expressed that he would ask her out on Valentine's Day. Asked what surprise he will give her then, he said: "I'm doing that everyday!" As for the two's good friend, Priscilla Wong, expressed that she hopes that Natalie can seriously consider developing a relationship with Tony!

    Tony Hung and Natalie Tong had attracted a lot of rumours after they collaborated in the drama, "Rear Mirror" together. Earlier on, the two had always said that they were "getting to know each other". Yesterday, when Tony attended an event, he admitted that he really likes Natalie: "(I give her about) 200, 300 likes! After it accumulates to 2000, 3000 Likes, we will go public!" Reporters phoned him yesterday, and he said that there was a "beautiful misunderstanding" when he was interviewed. What he meant was they were getting to know each other, and not "developing". Asked if he is already pursuing her, he said: "Once in a while! (Then what response has Natalie given?) I think she's considering it."

    Natalie Tong reacts sweetly to Tony Hung's confession

    Saying he would ask Natalie out on Valentine's Day, he is obviously openly fending off competitors. He said: "Of course you must snatch these "hot items" (Natalie) early on! I also want to be low-key, but these few days, reporters have been following me. I think they photographed us going to eat and watch movies before. We have common topics, we also love to eat! (Held hands yet?) No. But yesterday, I invited her to go see the Miriam Yeung concert. (Happy?) Happy, we will keep making plans together." Asked what surprise he will give Natalie on Valentine's Day, he said: "It's not marriage! I am doing that everyday!"

    Natalie accepted an interview from reporters; asked about Tony's confession, and whether she would accept or not, she said: "These things, give me some space! Need to know each other more first! (You are getting to know each other everyday!) I don't know! (What is he doing everyday?) Normal stuff, showing concern, talking on WhatsApp. (Will you accept his "date" on Valentine's Day?) Wait till he really asks!"

    Wednesday night, Natalie Tong attended an awards ceremony with TV King, Roger Kwok. Asked about Tony's public confession to her, and said he would ask her out on Valentine's Day, she sweetly said: "The things he does are very surprising! (Always gives you surprises?) He is a person full of positive energy, I am really happy that I met him during a time in my life when I needed positive energy." Afterwards, she praised Tony for being the sunshine boy type that she likes, and that there is room to develop (a relationship): "I also hope that there will be someone who I can travel the world with in the future. (He is suitable?) I hope there is someone!"

    As for Natalie Tong's ex-boyfriend, Amigo Choi, he responded to the news: "If it's true, then I congratulate her! The most important is that she's happy!"

    Priscilla Wong strongly recommends her good friend

    Priscilla Wong, who is the two's good friend, strongly recommended the male: "Hope Natalie seriously considers him, Tony is a really good guy. I am very close with Tony, whatever he likes, I like too. When they were filming the drama together, Tony told me he was really happy, and praised Natalie for being a good actress and a good girl." As for Natalie's "brother", Kenneth Ma, he laughed when he heard Tony would ask Natalie out on Valentine's Day: "He is taking initiative! But will "Ah Mui" agree? Maybe she won't! (He's flagging his territory!) Not really, maybe we'll ask Natalie out to eat on Valentine's Day!"
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    Longtime opponent, Joey Yung appears as a special guest for Miriam Yeung's concert for the first time

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Jan 27 2015, 12:07 AM
    Source: The Sun
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Longtime opponent, Joey Yung, appears as a special guest for Miriam Yeung's concert for the first time

    The night before was Miriam Yeung's second show for her HK Coliseum Concert "Let's Begin World Tour 2015", and she had invited her "deadly opponent", Joey Yung as her guest. The two queens showed respect for each other, Miriam praised Joey for being an outstanding opponent, and even revealed that she gets over breakups with Joey's songs! Miriam praised her concerts for being full of luck, and "predicted" that a wedding may be near for Joey.

    The second night of Miriam's concert gained a lot of support; other than husband, Real Ting, good friend Wilfred Lau, Remus Choy and Eric Kwok and his wife were also at the concert to support her. The most surprising was that Joey Yung, seen as Miriam's longtime opponent, was the guest for Miriam's concert for the first time. The two sang Joey's "Used to Break Up 習慣失戀 " together. Talking about the reason she chose this song of Joey's, Miriam revealed that when she experienced a break up back in the past, many of Joey's love songs were a must-sing at karaoke for her!

    Miriam heavily praised Joey for being a singer that she very much admires in her career and in life: "In the awards ceremony, we are opponents. In that minute, it's either you win, or I lose. Of course at those moments, it feels bad. But afterwards, I felt that the entertainment industry needs different singers, like me and you!" Joey also agreed and laughed saying: "Every market will have different products, impossible to have only one product. Like with smartphones, there is the iPhone, but there also needs to be Samsung!", making the audience laugh.

    Smiled sweetly talking about having a baby

    With the rare sighting of the 2 Cantopop queens chatting on stage, Miriam said that Eason says that he has a secret formula for dieting. Joey immediately reminded Miriam not to fall for it! She also stated that she's very envious of Miriam being able to step into the other stage of life. Miriam immediately replied: "It's close for you too! Quite soon!" and immediately pointed towards where Wilfred Lau was sitting. Miriam laughed: "My concerts are full of luck! My assistant also met her current husband at my concert! That time, my concert was called "Open Big", afterwards she even had a baby!", making Joey smile sweetly.

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    Kary Ng is officially Mrs. Hung; Engaged in Italy, then married in America

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Jan 26 2015, 11:39 PM
    Source: The Sun/Oriental Daily
    Images: The Sun/MingPao
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Kary Ng is officially Mrs. Hung; Engaged in Italy, then married in America

    Yesterday, Kary Ng announced her marriage with her first love "Prince of Tennis", Brian Hung online. In order to create a surprise, Brian first went to Italy with Kary and were engaged there, then he invited both their parents to America to witness the important moment. In addition to a 1 million HKD diamond ring, the two were successfully wedded!

    After breaking up with Shawn Yue, 28 year old singer, Kary Ng, got back together with 29 year old, "Prince of Tennis", Brian Hung last June. Just after their engagement news a few weeks ago, who knew that Kary would already become Mrs. Hung so quickly!

    Showed off happiness with quote from the Bible

    Yesterday, Kary announced her marriage on a social media website, and expressed that she has finally become a wife. She also uploaded three sweet pictures of her and her husband. Other than the usual sweet cheek kiss and forehead pictures, there was also a picture of the two holding hands. Successfully become Mrs. Hung, Kary wrote a caption using a "golden quote" from the Bible: "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. (Corinthians 13:4-8) Marriage is an important lesson in life. From this day onwards, we will support each other, love each other, respect each other. Thank you all for your blessings! We are very happy!" Compared to the other "Cookie Crumbs" still active in the industry, like Stephy Tang, Miki Yeung, etc., Kary, who is the youngest of them all, is the one to get married the fastest!

    Their wedding was extremely low-profile, but very romantic and full of surprises. To create a surprise, Brian got permission from their parents beforehand, and "plotted" together to first get engaged in Italy. When the "couple-to-be" flew to America, Brian suddenly took out a 4-carat diamond ring and proposed to Kary on one knee, giving her the promise of a lifetime. He even invited both their parents to fly over and witness this "important moment", touching Kary to tears and accepted his proposal.

    Will make up for the wedding banquet in Hong Kong this August

    Because the wedding was a surprise, Kary did not even prepare a wedding dress. She simply wore a simple white dress, along with her 1 million HKD diamond ring and a diamond bracelet for their wedding. Kary's record label revealed yesterday, that Kary is very touched. A representative said: "They first got engaged in Italy, then registered for marriage in America. They will make up for their wedding banquet in Hong Kong in August." The two will directly have their honeymoon in America, and Kary will return to Hong Kong to attend the ceremony for her contract renewal next month.

    Ex-boyfriend Shawn Yue congratulated Kary through his company with 6 words: "Hope she is blissful and happy!" Kary's ex-Cookie co-members, Stephy Tang, Miki Yeung and Angela Au are also very happy for her. Yesterday, Stephy expressed through her record company: "I knew she was getting married for a while already! Waiting for her to return to Hong Kong now, so we can eat and chat."

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